First aid for Bitcoin organisations

Bitcoin uitleg is available for assignments in the Bitcoin-ecosytem, at companies or other initiatives. I’m self-employed, so it is easy to hire me for assignments of any duration.


…do I focus on Bitcoin and public blockchain?

  • Because all people have the right to exchange money with each other free of control.
  • Because society is currently developing in the direction of more supervision and less privacy.
  • Because monetary policy with quantitative easing and low interest rates isn’t sustainable.
  • Because power and money are concentrated with the elite, who don’t want to let go.
  • Because an invention was done in 2008 that solves that, Bitcoin.
  • Because this innovation means we no longer need intermediaries.


…do I function?

Characteristics that match with me are careful, committed, reliable, precise, thorough, clear, friendly.


…can I do?

  • presenting, teaching, educate, training, workshops and explaining
  • answer questions about Bitcoin, AMA
  • advise and guide in the field of UX and UI
  • organize and perform functional management
  • conduct research
  • write articles, document matters, edit and review
  • WordPress, Excel, FileMakerPro
  • taking pictures and making videos
  • tackling boring jobs that have remained undealt with for far too long! 🙂

What I do focus on (content)

  • Decentralised, open, neutral, immutable blockchain, free of censorship and borderless. So mostly Bitcoin
  • Explain why projects that have a centralised component go against the basic principles of blockchain
  • Base layer, 2nd layer (Lighning), native assets, atomic swaps, hardware wallets, apps, smart contracts, exchanges en timestamping

What I don’t focus on (content)

  • TA, speculating, financial advise and tricks to get rich quick
  • tokenisation: Bananas and orange juice on the blockchain
  • ICOs
  • projects in which a centralised party that can exert power
  • Central Bank issued Crypto Currencies and Facebook’s Libra